2022-2023 Day School Teachers

Each classroom has two certified teachers; thus providing a desirable teacher-child ratio of one teacher to six in younger classes or one to nine in the older classrooms. For the younger classrooms there is a teacher that circulates between the classrooms. Teacher selection is based upon education and practical experience. All teachers are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The faculty stays abreast of current educational developments through frequent participation in educational workshops, seminars, and courses.

The Director maintains the standards and philosophy of the school, guides the faculty towards setting and achieving goals, and directs the operation of the school. Certification to do so is provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

A board of directors composed of parents and the School’s Director directs the Day School. The Board oversees all policy, planning and financial matters, and assists with maintenance, admission and fundraising activities.


Grace Chmura and Anissa Poirier

Classrooms & Teachers

Blue Room

Lori Peacock, Amy Brown and Mary DeFeo

Red Room

Samantha Goedeke, Ali Fleury and Jude Hogan

Green & Orange Rooms

Samantha Goedeke, Kim Hamilton and Sarah Webber

Yellow Room

Celine Denton, Melanie Ward, Kate Kranz

Music Enrichment

Kris Veenema